Life As A Shorty Shouldn’t Be So Rough Wu-Tang Clan shirt

Life As A Shorty Shouldn't Be So Rough Wu-Tang Clan shirt

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Among the gods of the Olympe world, the goddess Athéna was born miraculously. For the gods, of course the birth must be unusual, miraculous. But Athéna is more miraculous and unusual. She was not born by her mother but was born by her father, and was born from … first. Zeus took the goddess Métis, a Titanide of Okéanos and the goddess Téys. According to the old people, it was Métis who was the first wife of Zeus and not Héra. Métis is the one who tells the mysterious and mysterious leaf Zeus took for Cronos to drink, so Cronos vomits out all of Zeus’s siblings swallowed since birth.